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zinc yeast for diabetes
Angel zinc yeast can be used in diabetic nutritional interventions

Pumpkin(Cucurbita ficifolia)intake could reduce insulin intake as the compounds found in the vegetable could reduce the number of insulin injections a diabetic requires. Several studies have proved to this effect, and although at present the experimentation has been done on rats, even humans can benefit from it.

The antioxidant element of the fruit has shown its utility in the control of diabetes. Patients suffering from both the types of Diabetes – Diabetes Type 1 and Diabetes Type 2 can hope against hope for some relief from their ailment.

Substantial evidence is available to indicate the hypoglycemia action of pumpkin extract as an antioxidant agent according to authors Tao Xia and Qin Wang who claim so in the Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture

The study mentioned in the journal highlights the use of rats to prove the utility of pumpkin, but the results can eventually be extended for the benefit of humans as well. Although the rats were geared towards Type 1 Diabetes, those suffering from type 2 Diabetes can also hope to benefit. In the U.S. number of Type 2 Diabetes patients are on the increase. The authors further claim that pumpkin extract is potentially good for a pre-diabetic patient. The findings favor the use of the pumpkin extract for several beneficial reasons.

Benefits of Pumpkin Extract for a Diabetic
Pumpkin could replace Diabetes injections

  • It would help in fostering good glycaemia and metabolic control
  • Prevents long term complications due to the antioxidant protection
  • It prevents the progressive destruction of pancreatic beta cells
  • Research done at East China Normal University highlights the fact that diabetic rats fed the extract had only 5 per cent less plasma insulin and 8 per cent fewer insulin (beta) cells as compared to normal healthy rats
  • The extract is good for pre – diabetic as well as those already suffering from it
  • Insulin injections still need to be taken, but the number of injections will reduce
  • It can be source of medication that can be had via the mouth
  • The pumpkin extract may promote regeneration of damaged pancreatic cells in diabetic rats and also boost the levels of insulin-producing beta cells and insulin in the blood.
  • The boosting of insulin levels lowers the blood sugar levels, which in turn reduces levels of oxidative oxygen species that damage beta-cell membranes. Further damage is prevented and there is sufficient space for regeneration

Pumpkin extract can prove very beneficial to a diabetic in the future if research and experimentation continue to be carried out. Reduced insulin intake would prove very convenient to him or her and the prospect of medication (taking the pumpkin extract) through the mouth appears very appealing.


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